Principal's Message / September 2017




Principal's Newsletter  


Dear Parents and Students,                  

Welcome to another year at Sixteenth Avenue School!  I trust you are having a relaxing, refreshing, and thoroughly enjoyable summer. I have been busy getting back into the swing of things this school year, sending this to all of you much later than usual. We have many new staff members to introduce to you! 

We welcome back Tara Kunkel (AM/PM pre-k disabled), Jen Gjokaj (integrated AM pre-k & PM pre-k disabled) and Jean Marie Gallagher (full day, MD pre-k). Kelly Wilson has assumed the K-2 LLD program while Joseph Antonucci joins us as the new K-2 MD teacher.  Cheryl Rossetti will be teaching the 3-5 MD class this year.  Our kindergarten teachers are returning with Melissa Cohen, Lori DiPasquale and Donna Fisher. Our grade one teachers remain Jessica Galarza, Marge Hansen and Michelle McCooe.  Grade two welcomes Daniela Ribeiro and Ms. Cioffi (returning to grade 2), joining Mrs. Nova (formerly Ms. Duran).  Ryanne Doran joins Jodie Dransfield and Sherry Freyer in grade three this year. Kristen Martin will be teaching at the fourth grade with new hires, Andres Nuiver “NEW–VER” and Jamie Rosolen this year. Our grade five teachers remain Jack Bacigalupo, Daniela Buscio and Mary Montone. 

Mrs. Clark will now be teaching ELA basic skills instruction (BSI) for grades K, 1 and 2 in room 4 and Sheryl Sammaro will now be teaching the new BSI Math class for grades 2, 3, & 4 in the media center.  We continue to support our special education resource program with Kevin Herget (grade 5) and Deanna Mileski (ICS grade 4) with new hires Erin Connolly (grades 2 & 3) and Gabrielle Lombardi (grades K and 1). 

Ms. Dombrowski will remain teaching art with new hire,
Nicole Zanetakos (on Mondays).  Mr. Schwartz and Mrs. Dopozo remain as our physical education teachers although their days at 16th have changed. Lisa Rosenberg continues with us as our science lab teacher at the primary grades. Karen Arones and Yessenia Benitez remain as our World Language / Spanish teachers. Rosalia Carabello remains as our shared media specialist and teacher of technology “TECH” classes.  Alexandra Burke continues to serve as the instrumental music teacher for grades 4 & 5.  Our elementary guidance counselor will be Deanna Palmeiri as we say goodbye to Danielle Kluz. Taylor Meurer joins us as our full-time Occupational Therapist this year.  Florencia Torres remains our shared, district behaviorist. Desiree D’Agostino and Alexadria Soto remain as our speech teachers. Barbara Lorenc-Lach, affectionately referred to as “BLL” is our ESL teacher for all grades. Jenn Surniak remains as our LDTC / CST worker at our school this year. Ellen K. Rosenberg is our school nurse.  Linda Maricich, former 16th aide, has joined us as an administrative assistant, along with Jessica Michalowski in the main office. 

Please CHECK the website for important information related to arrival and dismissal as well as inclement weather and our student dress code. 

Please also note that you may reach the school office at (201) 796-8700.

Absences and attendance issues should be addressed at extension “# 2992”.

You may reach the main office at extension “# 2992” for our school secretaries, Jessica Michalowski or Linda Maricich, for student attendance or any other concerns.

If you have medical concerns or questions about doctor notes or medical records, please contact Ellen K. Rosenberg at "# 2993".

FYI: BACK-TO-SCHOOL NIGHT will be on September 19th in our all-purpose room. At Back-to-School Night teachers will share with you their grade-level programs. Although this evening is intended to be a general information meeting, parents will also have the opportunity to schedule meetings for individual conferences as needed. 

Specific information about this event will be shared with you during the first full week of school.

And so we begin another year-long cycle in the life of our school family. If you and your children are returning, welcome home!  If you and your child are new to 16th Avenue School we welcome you just the same! 

I look forward to seeing you at school events throughout the school year.  

Warmest regards,   

Dominick J. Silla,


Anthony Grieco,
Superintendent of Schools

Anthony Iachetti, Director of Special Services