Contact Information: 

Dominick J. Silla, Principal

201-796-8700 @ ext. 2992

Dominick Silla is the Principal of Sixteenth Avenue Elementary School.  
He has been the principal of 16th Avenue School since the fall of 2004.  

Mr. Silla holds a master's degree in the area of early childhood administration
and a master's degree in the area of administration and supervision.  

Mr. Silla began his career as a teacher at the Maywood Montessori School in Maywood, NJ.  
He also served as a teacher in the Bronx, NY, as well as River Vale, Oradell and River Edge, NJ.
Additionally, Mr. Silla served as an Elementary Principal in West Milford, NJ.  
Mr. Silla looks forward to serving the Elmwood Park community.  



16th Avenue School:

Principal's Newsletter

Dear Parents and Students,

Spring is almost here! With the warmer weather, our students may be fortunate enough to get some exercise and fresh air on a more regular basis as part of their lunch recess time. When helping your children to make decisions about what kind of outerwear to put on, assume that the children will be taken outside for their daily 30 minutes of recess unless inclement weather keeps us inside. That decision may change from morning to afternoon, but our plan is to allow the children to enjoy being outside each day.  Please remember to support our student dress code {colors and types of clothing matter.} You may find the “student dress code” on our website.

Students’ outdoor clothing worn to school in the morning should also be worn at recess. We care about your children and want them to be warm and comfortable. We also want to look out for their welfare. I know that sometimes, unbeknownst to mom or dad, children bolt out the door without a jacket or coat! Just to let you know, we will watch out for your children and will keep them inside if they do not have a coat when the weather warrants this type of dressing. Sometimes a life lesson about consequences is all it takes to help them remember to wear an appropriate layer of outdoor clothing the next day.  Please offer some reminders about the dress code and outdoor clothing in the morning before your son/daughter goes off to school.  I want students to have a full school experience, including outdoor recess.  HOODED-SWEATSHIRTS are not allowed to be worn in the classrooms.


SCHOOLS WILL REOPEN, Monday, April 29, 2019

Please review the calendar for other important event details and dates this month.  Thank you very much for your continuing support of all that we do.  As always, I am only a phone call or email away.                          <  >


Dominick J. Silla
, Principal