16th Avenue School PTO

16th Avenue School



PTO Officers for 2017 - 2018

Samantha Capogna, President  

Noelle Ulatoski, Vice President 

Nikka Milligan, Secretary 

Cheralee Pressler, Treasurer


PTO NEWS:  11 /1 /17

As a new PTO Committee we have had many successful fundraisers so far this year. 

We initiated a new “dimes for the classrooms” project which has thus far yielded $288.37 to date. 

Mrs. Buscio’s class was the first class to fill their water bottle and won a pizza party. 

Ms. Cioffi’s class as well as Mr. Nuiver’s class also filled their bottles and the students won no homework passes. 

Our PTO Membership Drive has yielded $1,490.00. 

On Friday November 3rd we will be announcing the class which had the most participation and they will win a party. 

We continue to collect box tops for the school and have so far collected $152.90. 

Our dress down days which we have every Friday have yielded $481.50 for our school and $443.90 for the 5th Grade class. 

We continue to collect for the Kids Stuff Book and hope to conclude this fundraiser shortly.  Our two ice cream sales yielded $450.93. 

In the month of October we had a school store which yielded $283.44 and a “Halloween raffle basket” was raffled off and yielded a profit of $147.56. 

For the first time, we planned a “pumpkin patch,”… the children had a great time and we yielded a profit of $663.61.  We had a bagel sale on October 20th which yielded a profit of $142.50.  Our Halloween Dance was a great success as well, which yielded a profit of $1,305.37. 

We continue to purchase items needed for the school with these funds and our ultimate goal is to purchase the white boards and projectors for each class.  Please be reminded that three white boards and projectors, with set-up and delivery, has a bill of approximately $10,000.00.  We currently have seven in our school and could use 12 more.