Health Reminders

Emergency Contact Update: Please update the Parent Portal with any emergency contact numbers. Parents/guardians are asked to provide work and cell numbers and at least two local telephone numbers of people who will be responsible for your child when a parent/guardian is not available. Do not list persons who are working, are unable to drive, or are unavailable during school hours.

Attendance Policy:  Parents are required by law to communicate with the school by telephone/e-mail any absence unless other arrangements have been made prior.

Please report absences to the main office at 201-796-8700 x #2992 (messages can be left prior to school hours on office answering machine). In the event the office is not notified, the absence shall be reported to the parents by telephone. In accordance with board policy and NJ statute, the parent must provide a written statement of the cause of such absence on the student’s return to school. In the event of planned absences for personal reasons, a letter should be sent prior to the absence to the attention of the homeroom teacher.

Arrival:  Students should not arrive at the school grounds prior to 8:30am. Supervision is not provided before this time.

Dismissal:  Students should depart from school grounds immediately after dismissal time (3:15 p.m.) unless they are remaining for tutoring, detention, or participation in extracurricular activities.

Tardy Students:  Any student arriving after 8:50 a.m.

Medication Policy:  Students requiring medication at school must have a written prescription and or the school medication form completed by their physician. This applies to over the counter medication as well as prescription medication. The physician order must specify the diagnosis, the type of medication, the dosage, the time at which the medication shall be administered and the length of time for which the medication is prescribed along with possible side effects. Medication must be sent in its original container labeled with the name of the medication and pharmacy. A note from the parent giving permission to give the medication in school must also be included. The school nurse should be advised of any medication taken by a child in school or at home, particularly those that might cause a change in their behavior.

Gym & Recess:  Sneakers (laced or Velcro) are required for full participation in recess. Students may bring their sneakers to school and change into them, if they wish. Students without sneakers will be prohibited from the playground equipment and from physical activity.

Gym Excuses:  A parent may request in writing a gym excuse for a student up to three days for a medical problem that does not appear to require a physician’s care. Otherwise, a physician’s note is required for such an excuse. If your child is returning to school with an injury, obtain a note from the physician for the absence.

·     Obtain a physician’s note for crutches in school, which must clearly state that the student is allowed on crutches and the duration of time needed.

·     Obtain a physician’s note for casts, arm slings, air splints and finger splints.

·     The note must state the nature of the injury, any limitations and restrictions and the dates the student is to be excused from physical education and recess activities.


Illness: If your child has symptoms of illness during the previous night, consider making arrangements for your child to remain at home. Extra rest and attention early will often shorten the illness and cut down the spreading of germs at school. Please remember our best defense against germs is good hand washing. Please encourage your child to wash their hands often with warm water and soap

  1. Fever of 100.0 degrees or higher. Your child must be fever free for 24 hours before returning. Please do not treat a fever and send your child to school.
  2. Persistent coughing that could be disruptive to the class.
  3. Vomiting and diarrhea within the past 24 hours should remain home.
  4. Cold or runny nose if nasal discharge is excessive and/or not clear.
  5. Unexplained rashes, sores and crusty, inflamed eyes or other signs of contagious problems cannot remain at school.
  6. Sore throat - If you are awaiting strep throat results, please keep your child home until results have been obtained. Positive results - must be on antibiotics for a full 24 hours and must remain home for 24 hours. Please obtain a physician’s note.


If your child has been sent home from school because of illness, please make sure they are completely recovered before sending them back.

Sending a child to school that is not in optimal health, not only endangers the health of all others they come in contact with, but also increases the susceptibility to whatever illnesses they may be exposed to.

Injury/Illness Policy: When a child is injured or taken ill at school, the following procedure shall be followed:

1) First Aid treatment is administered.

2) The parent/guardian listed on the emergency card will be notified.

3) The parent/guardian will be requested to come for the student or arrange other transportation.

4) If no parent is available, the emergency contacts listed will be notified to assume temporary care in your absence. Students will not be able to remain in the health office all day.

Please remember that the school is not responsible for treatment/follow-up of injuries occurring at home or outside of school property.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns or issues.