Melissa Cohen

WEEK OF 5/22-5/26

Please send your child's "16th Avenue School" daily.  
Please look in their folder every day, and remove all papers.  

Homework will be given Monday-Thursday, which will include
math homework and their homework board. Each night your
child will bring their math workbook home, complete their
homework, and return the workbook the 
next day. One activity 
from the homework board is to be completed each day too, but
ONLY returned on

Letter of the Week: Qq & Yy

 quit, quiz, yam, yak, yes, yip

Sight Words of the Week:
 of & with


Please complete the daily homework assignment and bring into school the following day on a separate piece of paper.

Monday-math workbook pages 697, 698 & HW board
Tuesday-math workbook pages 703, 704 & HW board 
Wednesday-math worksheet & HW board
Thursday- math workbook pages 709, 710 & HW board

**Study sight words daily


I, like, the, and, was, see, we, very, play, a, play, to, went, come, me, with, my, you, what, are, now, he, how, find, this, who, will, be, go, for, he, no, she, make, take, that, help, them, by, have, do, down, look, of


 little, your, my, is, went, with, said, all, good

**Spelling assessments are given every Friday


"I can..." poster parade is on Friday, June 2nd at 2:00 pm

Wednesday, May 24th, is math carnival!
**NO sweatshirts with hoods are allowed to be worn in class.

**Gym is every Thursday. Sneakers must be worn to
participate in gym class.

****OUR CLASSROOM IS A PEANUT AND NUT FREE ROOM. Please be mindful of this when sending daily snack in with your child. Any nuts or products containing nuts will not be permitted in class. Thank you for your cooperation and for helping us to keep all of our students safe! 

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Skills to practice at home:
-Stating and writing first and last name
-Writing simple sentences
-Sounding out letter
-Using inventive spelling to spell unknown words
-Identifying uppercase and lowercase letters
-Counting to 100
-Counting and recognizing 0-20
-Stating address and phone number
-Be able to listen and follow 1-2 step directions


Click here for great activities!