Jack Bacigalupo

5th Grade Class

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I would like to thank everyone who participated in our 5th grade food drive. We collected well over 100 items and were able to help restock the shelves in the food pantry. 

Upcoming Important Dates

Illustration Of A Gold Star.pngFriday: February 9thIllustration Of A Gold Star.png

Illustration Of A Gold Star.pngSchool Closed: Winter BreakIllustration Of A Gold Star.png
February 19th- February 23rd


Throughout the next few weeks, our math class will be learning about decimal division. We will also be learning how to estimate decimal quotients.
You can expect to see homework that involves division of decimals through hundredths.

Activity for home
A trip to the grocery store or the gas station is a perfect opportunity to practice decimal operations. For example, "Which is a better buy, the 10-ounce box of cereal for $3.25 or the 15-ounce box for $4.65?" Work together to write a division sentence to represent each situation. Help your child estimate the quotient and then find the exact answer.

Homework 1/22

        Math: Text pages 355-356  (Baseball)
                    Ten Marks Due 2/12 (Baseball)
                Text pages 379-380 (Soccer)
                Ten Marks Due 2/6  (Soccer)

                 Text pages 379-380 (Football)
                  Ten Marks Due 2/6 

Spelling:  List 14 (Test Monday)

Math: No Homework (Baseball)
                     Ten Marks Due 1/24 (Baseball)
                        Text pages 340 and 342 (Soccer)
                           Text pages 340 and 342(Football) 

 Math: Text pages 367-368 (Baseball) 
        Text pages 387-388 (Soccer)
              Text pages 385-388 (Football)   


   Math: Text pages 295-296 (Baseball)
           Text pages 249-250 (Soccer)
              Text Pages 255-256 (Football)

No Homework

Spelling List 14
1. formal
2. whislte
3. label
4. puzzle
5. legal
6. angle
7. normal
8. needle
9. angel
10. pupil
11. struggle
12. level
13. local
14. bicycle
15. channel
16. global
17. stumble
18. quarrel
19. article
20. fossil
Bonus Words
21. identical
22. vehicle
23. mineral
24. colonel
25. artificial

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