Jack Bacigalupo

Mr. Bacigalupo's
5th Grade Class

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During the next few weeks, our math classes will be studying decimals. We will be naming, comparing, ordering, and rounding decimals to the thousandths. We will also be adding and subtracting decimals through the hundredths.
You can expect to see homework that includes adding and subtracting decimals through hundredths.

Activity for home
Collect store advertisements from the newspaper. Have your child practice adding and subtracting decimals by writing and solving problems that involve money using the store advertisements.  

Homework 11/13

        Math: Text pages 173-174  (Baseball)
                Text Pages 191-194 (Soccer)
                 Text pages 217-218 (Football)
Spelling: No new list

Math: Complete Mid-Chapter Corrections (Baseball)
         Text pages 173-174 (Soccer)
             Text pages 193-194 (Football)

 Math: No Homework (Baseball) 
Final Day to hand in  corrections (Baseball)
         Text pages 179-180 (Soccer)
                No Homework (Football)   


   Math: No Homework

No Homework

Spelling List 7
1. earth
2. peer
3. twirl
4. burnt
5. smear
6. further
7. appear
8. worthwhile
9. nerve
10. pier
11. squirm
12. weary
13. alert
14. murmur
15. thirsty
16. reverse
17. worship
18. career
19. research
20. volunteer
Bonus Words
21. yearn
22. engineer
23. interpret
24. dreary
25. external

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