Jack Bacigalupo

Have A Great Summer!!

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Well the school year is over and it's been an absolute pleasure teaching you and watching your all grow. Next year starts a new chapter in your lives and it will be something you will all love. Make sure to work hard in Middle School, set your goals high, and never stop working till you reach them. When things get tough and at times they will, remember things aren't as bad as you think. You WILL get through and become stronger from it. Have a fun summer and amazing year in Middle School. I will miss you all!

You are a very special person 
and you should really know,
How I loved to be your teacher,
How fast the year did go.

Please come back to visit me
As through the grades you grow,
Try hard to learn all you can,
There is so much to know.

One thing I tried to teach you
To last your whole life through,
It to know that you are special,
Just because you are you!

Good Luck In Middle School
I'm very proud of all of you!!

To the incoming 5th grade. Have a wonderful summer and make sure to complete your summer assignments. You can use the links on this page to go to websites to help you practice throughout the summer. See you all in September! 

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