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Spring Is Here!

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May 26th the 5th Graders will be holding a Science fair at school. Students will be able to share their STEM projects with the rest of the students.

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Please contact me at jbacigalupo@epps.org

What We Are Studying


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  During the months of March and April we will be working in Units 6, 7, and 8 for Math. Throughout these units, our Math classes will be studying fractions. We will be adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions with like and unlike fractions. We will also be identifying patterns with fractions, when multiplying and dividing.
In Science, we will be studying the cells and body systems. We will be studying what makes up cells, and how these cells make up the systems in our body. We will be reading and watching films about these topics. Students will complete mini projects, worksheets, as well as have discussions about topics we have covered.
Social Studies
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In Social Studies, we will be focusing on the the Civil War. We will cover the causes, life during the war, the end of the war. We will also be studying life after the Civil War and the rebuild of the nation. Students will read, watch videos, complete assignments, and participate in discussions on these topics. 

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Week of 4/24/17

Math: Workbook Pages 469 (Baseball)
Workbook Pages complete Page 487 (Soccer)
 Workbook Page 487 (Football)
Lesson 24 Test Friday4/28/17
Math: Workbook Pages 475-476 (Baseball)
Workbook Pages 437-438 (Soccer)
  Workbook Pages 437-438 (Football)
Spelling: None

Math: Workbook Pages 463-464 (Baseball)
 Workbook Pages
 515-516 (Soccer)
  Workbook Pages 515-516 (Football)
Spelling: None

Math: Workbook Pages 437-438 (Baseball)
 Workbook Pages 537-538 (Soccer)
  Workbook Pages 537-538 (Football)
Spelling: Study Lesson 24
Help and spend time with your family.
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Lesson 24
1. mislead
2. dismiss
3. insincere
4. unable
5. indirect
6. mistreat
7. disaster
9. insecure
10. unknown
11. incomplete
12. unequal
13. unstable
14. misspell
15. disagree
16. informal
17. discover
18. unwise
19. mislaid
20. disgrace
Challenge Words
21. invisible
22. mishap
23. unfortunate
25. unnecessaey

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