Jack Bacigalupo

Mr. Bacigalupo's 
5th Grade Class

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Illustration Of A Gold Star.pngIf you haven't handed in your baby picture for the yearbookIllustration Of A Gold Star.png
 please hand them in as soon as possible.
5th Grade Activities Fee:
Total $80 Due: April 15th
Fee Covers
2018 Yearbook and pen
Signature T-Shirt
5th Grade Trip to FunPlex/SplashPlex
Bus Transportation
Fancy Dance (food and decorations)
Graduation (luncheon and decorations)
Student Gifts
Gifts for teachers/administration

Illustration Of A Gold Star.pngUpcoming Important DatesIllustration Of A Gold Star.png

Illustration Of A Gold Star.pngSchool Closed: Spring BreakIllustration Of A Gold Star.png
March 30th-April 9th


Throughout the next few weeks, our math class will be learning about multiplying fractions and mixed numbers. We will also be using area models to help understand fraction multiplication. You can expect to see homework with real-world problems that involve multiplication with fractions and mixed numbers.

Activity for home
Use recipes to practice multiplication with fractions and mixed numbers. Work together to solve problems such as "One batch of the recipe calls for 2 1/4 cups of flour. How much would we need to make 1 1/2 batches?"

Homework 3/26

        Math: Text pages 485  (Baseball)
                Text pages 495-496 (Soccer)
                  Text pages 495-496 (Football)

Spelling:  No new list till after break

Math: Text Pages 488 (Baseball)
             Chapter 7 Test (Baseball)
        Text pages 516-517 (Soccer)
          Text pages 516-517 (Football)

 Math: Text pages 367-368 (Baseball) 
        Text pages 387-388 (Soccer)
              Text pages 385-388 (Football)   


   Math: Text pages 295-296 (Baseball)
           Text pages 249-250 (Soccer)
              Text Pages 255-256 (Football)

No Homework

Spelling List 18
1. duties
2. earlier
3. loveliest
4. denied
5. ferries
6. sunnier
7. terrified
8. abilities
9. dirtier
10. scariest
11. trophies
12. cozier
13. enemies
14. iciest
15. greediest
16. drowsier
17. victories
18. horrified
19. memories
20. strategies
Bonus Words
21. unified
22. dictionaries
23. bundaries
24. satisfied
25. tragedies

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