Mrs. Clark


I LOVE reading!

Who is Mrs. Clark?

The 2017-18 school year brought change for me! After many years as a fourth grade teacher, I switched over to Basic Skills.  Reading has always been my passion, and I earned a masters degree in reading in 2003.  This certified me as a Reading Specialist.  Since that time I have continued my professional development by taking courses and training in reading. I am so happy to share my expertise with the students of Sixteenth Avenue School.

ELA Basic Skills!
‚ÄčWhat do we do in basic skills?

Every lesson consists of
Rereading our story
Word work
Reading a new story and a comprehension conversation
Final word work activity.

Celebrations for a great job too!

Leveled Literacy Goals
Text Level Gradient

All students should be reading their

black and white

take home book every night and

writing it down on their

LLI Reading Log.



Please contact me with

any questions!