Karin Arones


¡Hola! My name is Karin Arones and I will be teaching your child Spanish this year! I am so excited to start a new school year and I know that your child will have a fun and rewarding experience in Spanish class. 


 I am extremely passionate about the Spanish language and culture and cannot wait to inspire my students to develop a love for the life-long learning of Spanish and other foreign languages!

 The students will have Spanish class once a week for a forty-five minute period. Throughout the course of the year, each unit taught will provide ample opportunities for the children to explore the language and culture. 

I am looking forward to working with your child this upcoming school year. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to know more about this class. 

Thank you for your support!!!

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Supplies for Spanish Class :

Grades 1- 2- 3___ folder
Grades 4- 5    ___ notebook and folder

Daily Schedule: 

Mondays: Gantner Avenue School

Mrs. Cannata     ---  Kindergarten 
Mrs. Burniston  --- Kindergarten 
Mrs. DiScola      ---  Second Grade
Ms. Jarvis          ---  Fourth Grade
Mrs. Reeves       ---  Fifth Grade
Mrs. Dunn         ---  Third Grade

Tuesdays: Gantner Avenue School

Ms. Taveras            --- Fifth Grade
Ms. Sceurman        --- Second/Third Grade
Mrs. Cooney           --- Third Grade
Mrs. Vandermast   --- Second Grade
Ms. Stubaus            ---  Fourth/Fifth Grade

Wednesdays: Gilbert Avenue School

Mrs. Alouidor     --- Second Grade
Mrs. Hayton        --- First Grade
Ms. Fitzpatrick   --- Fourth Grade
Ms. Planthaber   --- Fifth Grade
Mrs. Megnin        --- Third Grade
Ms. Kassai           --- Second Grade
Mrs. McIvor        --- Second Grade

Thursdays: Sixteenth Avenue School
Ms. Doran                --- Third Grade
Mrs. DiPasquale      --- Kindergarten 
Mrs. McCooe           ---  First Grade
Ms. Wilson               ---  k/1/2 Grade
Ms. Martin               ---  Fourth Grade
Ms. Nova                  ---  Second Grade

Fridays: Sixteenth Avenue School

Mrs. Gallagher           --- Pre-K 
Mrs. Fisher                 --- Kindergarten 

Mr. Bacigalupo           --- Fifth Grade
Mrs. Buscio                 --- Fifth Grade
Mrs. Freyer                 --- Third Grade 

Please check student's portal for weekly assignments, homework and projects. 

Contact information:

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at karones@epps.org.